Essays to Inspire

Many of our Mongolian students who are preparing to apply to American universities still lack information and guidance. Thus, we included 40 students’ essays that got into their dream university to help these students discover what an essay is and how to write it through the guidance of those who have already written, passed, and learned. On top of that, to give inspiration and hope to students who are preparing to reach their dreams.

essays to inspire
"BI CHADNA" fund

The foremost goal of this book is to inspire and motivate the youth with the stories of 35 successful applicants and how they conquered the top colleges and universities across the globe. 

All profits from the ESSAYS TO INSPIRE book will be devoted to the “BI CHADNA” fund. This fund will support visionary, ambitious, and skillful youth. There are many ambitious and capable young people who have a superior project idea, who want to study in the best college, and who want to participate in a debate competition. However, they are limited by their financial statuses, our fund operates on the basis of a social enterprise by sustainably gaining profit and dedicating it to a good cause.  




Our ESSAYS TO INSPIRE book consists of 45 essays written by 35 Mongolian students. These young people all have overcome significant challenges, overcome all obstacles on their ways, and succeeded in getting into their dream schools to live the life they have now.  

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